Egyrobo Office

This is a tour in our company that takes you from the entrance, passing by the meeting room, until you reach Egyrobo Academy

Bosch Group

That is a tour in Bosch Group


That is a tour in a toy store

Museum Of Islamic Art - متحف الفن الإسلامي

The Coptic Museum - المتحف القبطي

Abu Simbel Temple - معبد أبو سمبل

Wadi El Hitan Fossils - متحف وادي الحيتان


The whole tour was fully generated by the everpano 3D tool. For navigation in the tour the everpano Navigator plugin is used. That plugin allows easy navigating by automatically finding the pano next to the point where the used had clicked - and when there is no pano near, a nice 3D-zooming-animation indicates that.

Drone Attack

WebVR - Drone Attack is A small and simple shooter game as tech-demo for several krpano features. It uses a pano-image as background and hotspots as objects (drones, explosions, ...) WebVR with Positional-tracking VR-Controller Support (it works also without, but VR-Controllers are recommended) 3D-Sounds